Professional Editors

The following list of copyeditors expressed interest in being included on this referral list based on a call put out over social media. Students will need to discuss pay rates with any potential copyeditors they choose to contact.

Please note that The Writing Center has compiled this list as a service to GC students interested in hiring a copyeditor. That being said, the Center cannot vouch for the people included on this list. If you have a bad experience working with someone, please let us know so we can take that person off the list.

Eileen Sperry 

I’ve taught writing for the last six years, with classes both at the freshmen and doctoral levels; I also work as an editor for, and have experience editing academic work for public audiences. If I can share any other info or editorial samples, please let me know.

I earned my PhD in English from Stony Brook University in 2016, along with an additional graduate certification in Cultural Studies. I teach and write about Shakespeare, and I also specialize in expository writing, and have taught courses from first-year college writing through advanced doctoral seminars in scholarly publishing. In my composition classes, I work with students to develop complex analytic skills and clear, confident prose. My favorite extension of this area has been my work as an editor at Nursing Clio, where I work with our authors and editorial team to create public-facing content on the histories of medicine, gender, and the body.

Rebecca Bodenheimer

I’m a seasoned academic editor who has worked with dozens of established scholars and graduate students on their journal articles and manuscripts. I have a PhD in Music (ethnomusicology) from UC Berkeley and have published my own academic monograph and several journal articles. I offer both substantive/developmental editing, as well as line editing and copy editing. 

In terms of content knowledge, I have the most experience in the following disciplines: musicology/ethnomusicology, anthropology, history, cultural studies, African American Studies, African Diaspora Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Latin American/Latinx Studies. However, I have worked with clients from a wide range of other fields, including Sociology, Performance Studies, Media Studies, and Education. Read more about me at []

Alicia Spencer-Hall

Alicia is an experienced editor, specializing in academic and research texts. She helps authors develop and refine their work from first draft to proofs, with particular expertise in supporting writers for whom English is a second or additional language. Her clients include postgraduate researchers, independent and early-career scholars, and established academics in the arts and sciences. As an academic author with a PhD, Alicia has first-hand experience of the academic writing and publishing process which directly informs the services she provides. Alongside her freelance work, she is Series Editor for the ‘Hagiography Beyond Tradition’ book series at Amsterdam University Press and ‘Premodern Transgressive Literatures’ at Medieval Institute Publications.

Kathryn Nogue

I’m an academic editor with more than ten years of experience providing developmental, line, and copy editing services to scholars in the humanities and social sciences. My areas of focus include nineteenth-century, post-45, and pop culture studies. I edit reviews, chapters in edited collections, articles, monographs, and, occasionally, dissertations. For more about my background, approach, and usual rates, please visit

Melissa Haskin

I am an academic editor with 15 years of experience. I polish research articles, dissertations, theses, presentations, job market papers, and job application materials. I have experience with research in the fields of political science, economics, finance, education, computer science, nursing, sociology, public health, public policy, and more. I edit documents for typos, grammar errors, spelling errors, and more. I help clients improve overall readability by providing feedback and resources for further learning. I hold a master’s degree in magazine journalism. I also hold a bachelor’s degree in economics with a minor in business. I work in both APA (7th edition) and Chicago (17th edition for summer 2024; 18th edition editing will be available in fall 2024). For more information or a free quote and sample edit, please visit Turnaround time can be anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks. It’s best to reserve a spot early, if possible.

Paulina S. Cossette

I am an academic editor and former American politics professor (Ph.D., University of Florida) with expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methods. I have worked with many graduate students and faculty to polish their research papers, dissertations and theses, and over 50 book manuscripts. I primarily revise writing in the social sciences, humanities, education, business, nursing, and environmental science. I also consult on survey questionnaire design and offer Spanish-to-English translation services. Please visit my website for more information:

Sarah Kaip

I have 11 years of experience editing dissertations and a Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Wisconsin. I specialize in APA dissertations. I do copy editing, formatting to the university’s template and/or guidelines, APA compliance, and checking whether references are cited in text and vice versa.

I have edited around 350 dissertations in many fields, but I am most experienced in the social sciences, especially these subjects: psychology, education, sociology, media studies, and communication studies. Turnaround time is usually one to two weeks. You can see pricing information and request an estimate on my website,

Melissa Dunn

I am an academic editor and research librarian with over 15 years of experience in dissertation editing, proofreading, and APA formatting. I specialize in line-by-line and developmental editing to improve the grammar, sentence structure, organization, clarity, and overall writing quality of each student’s manuscript. I have edited over 1,000 dissertations in a wide variety of fields, but my areas of focus include psychology, business, education, sociology, and history. Please visit my website for more information:

Emily Price

I am a freelance editor and a PhD candidate in English, and I serve as a Writing Consultant here at the Grad Center. I have experience editing dissertations, scholarly articles, job materials, grant proposals, and public writing. (If you are a current GC student with short-term project needs, you can make an appointment with me through the Writing Center.) I can provide line editing, proofreading, and developmental editing depending on the project’s requirements.

You can find my rates and more details on my website.