Taking Smarter Notes

When doing research, many people take notes in ways that don’t help them enough. Less organized people jot down their ideas on loose papers that can easily get lost, and more organized people gather their notes into project-based books and folders that may never get consulted again when that particular project is finished. This semester, The Writing Center is launching a new initiative to help GC students learn about the Zettelkasten system for taking notes. It is a way to take and store notes so that the ideas you develop over your entire career are always at hand, never get lost, and successfully capture the interconnectedness of the insights you develop over time. Whether you are taking courses, reading for orals, or already writing your thesis or dissertation, consider the enormous long-term advantages of taking smarter notes. 

Taking Smarter Notes: Webinar

This webinar introduces participants to the Zettelkasten and reviews the methodology as well as the benefits of adopting the system. 

Thursday, November 10th @ 3:00 PM; register here.

Note Net Resources

For people interested in learning more about the Zettelkasten system, check out our handy packet of introductory resources that are all free and online. 

Note Net Resources (word doc)

Note Net Resources (pdf)