David Hershinow
Writing Center Director

David HershinowDavid Hershinow joined the GC community as its founding Director of the Writing Center in the Fall of 2019. He earned his PhD in English at Johns Hopkins University, where he worked at the university’s Writing Center for seven years and served as the center’s Director in his final year of study. Since completing his PhD, David has held faculty appointments at Princeton University and at Baruch College, CUNY. He is the author of Shakespeare and the Truth-Teller: Confronting the Cynic Ideal (Edinburgh UP, 2019). David is excited to bring his experience to bear on the development of the GC’s new graduate writing center, one of the few writing centers in the country whose mission caters solely to the needs of graduate students.

David can be reached at dhershinow@gc.cuny.edu


Writing Fellows

Daniel Hengel

Daniel Hengel, a writing fellow, is a doctoral candidate in English at the Graduate Center and an adjunct professor at Hunter College. His dissertation, titled “(In)Hospitable Modernity as Dissent in Modernist Fiction, 1920-1953” reorders formerly ‘hospitable’ domestic spaces into inscriptions of political resistance to ideologically prescribed, institutionally legitimated subject formations. More broadly, Daniel studies and teaches what he affectionately calls 20th/21st-century English Language Literatures of Resistance. In the classroom, Daniel is a proponent of critical pedagogical models that share agency and incite discourse. Before joining the writing center team Daniel was a Writing Across the Curriculum Fellow and adjunct professor at Baruch College.

Daniel spends way too much time listening to epic-fantasy novels, which he calls his “stories”—Michael Kramer is his all-time favorite narrator. Robin Miles’s work for The Broken Earth is amazing. He also enjoys hunting for Easter eggs in the MCU, swimming, volleyball, rock climbing, The Office, and playing outside.


Allison Douglass

Allison (Al) Douglass is a doctoral candidate in the English Program writing her dissertation on gender transformation in stand-up comedy and the entwined histories of comedic and queer performance practices in America. She studies humor, horror, and the deep connection between the two. Al is also deeply invested in composition pedagogy – alongside teaching writing, she has been working in writing centers, writing program administration, and writing across the curriculum roles since 2013. She earned her B.A. in English and Drama at Vassar College and her M.A. in English at Midwestern State University. 

When not doing academic things, Al does a lot of sewing and embroidery. She likes to go dancing or to a drag show whenever she gets the chance, but honestly, most of her free time is spent staring at her two cats. 


Daeshin Hayden Ju

Daeshin Hayden Ju is a doctoral candidate in the Sociology program at the CUNY Graduate Center. Broadly speaking, her work examines the social incorporation of Asian Americans through the lens of the family. Currently, she is writing her dissertation on how second-generation Asian American (primarily those of East Asian descent) and White American heterosexual couples manage family relationships and raise children. 

In her free time, Hayden likes to cook, do yoga, and watch Korean women’s volleyball. One day, she hopes to master the art of fermentation.


Past Writing Fellows

Karen Okigbo

Shiraz Biggie

Kate Pendolay

Aaron Botwick

Elizabeth Goetz

Meira Levinson

Erin Garrow

Jared Keel



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