Structuring Argument-Based Writing

Please note that all of our remaining in-person workshops for the semester have been canceled. We may have web-based options for workshops later in the semester; please check back at a later date for updates.

Date – Thursday, April 02, 2020
4:30 pm – 6:30 pm

CUNY Graduate Center, room 3317

Having trouble structuring a cogent argument throughout the course of your paper?

Join us for the Writing Center’s inter-disciplinary Argument-Based Writing Workshop!

Sustaining a clear, appreciable argument over the course of a seminar paper is one of the most difficult tasks in long-form academic writing. In this workshop, we’ll review a series of techniques and strategies for structuring an argument throughout your essay.

The strategies proposed in this workshop are intended to illuminate the organizational principles seminar-length argumentative research papers, though we believe these strategies, with a tweak or two, can also be effective models for thesis and dissertation chapters.

Please feel free to prepare a few questions about your own writing. We’re here to help!

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